Somewhat Childish
I'm a big Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino supporter (; I even wrote a blog post about him and one of my favourite TV shows here). As usual I decided to illustrate an idea that derived from my interpretation and this creation is based on his show Atlanta using my raw, cartoon like visual language. 
This is an illustration I did because I love the show so much. Many may not even know that every single detail in most of my work is important and there is always a concept present further than the obvious. In this piece ‘Somewhat Childish’, his body is facing away from ‘camera’ because one of the show’s promos was a sequence of some of the main characters moving backwards but the visual was played forwards like Pharcyde’s music 1995 video ‘Drop’. (Also, he is holding a cookie because Darius (another one of the characters) offered him one when he and Earn, Glover's character, first met.)
Watch the show - it's genius.
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