Vulpes Vulpes
The name ’Vulpes Vulpes’ is Latin for ‘Red fox’. Latin has been described as a dead language
however it is still of importance and used today. Just like the Red Fox’s relevance is in decline,
as an animal it is still important.
This self initiated project was a big challenge that I was happy to attempt. Normally, producing something this scale would be performed by a team but I believe I am strong in the ideas, development, story and visual department and saw an opportunity to present my skills in each section.

My project was to basically sell an idea for a TV show, more specifically create a Pre-Production Animation Pitch Bible. My idea is called ‘Vulpes Vulpes’.
Logline: A short animation series that highlights potential struggles for foxes dealing with changing wildlife whilst seeing South London from their perspective.

(I have purposely only uploaded a limited amount of the documents as a precaution to protect my designs and ideas.)
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