Dramatic Expressions & Tone
Personal illustration study...
Working on my drawing technique and patience by drawing Gene Kelly.

It was a five hour illustration using graphite and fineliners. I was trying to work on realistic drawing but with my style influencing the character so it is recognisable as my work.
I woke up at 3 am and felt like drawing Tom Hardy. Not a fan of drawing hair and never really attempted facial hair before so I thought I should challenge myself.

The middle of the night is when I am most productive or when I get most of my inspiration - that's why I named this piece 3 am. Also, it represents seeing people in a different environment and how they behave. i.e me at night compared to during the day. The portrait is of the actor Tom hardy when he is not acting and looks almost unrecognizable. I chose a particular photograph to study because of the detail and strange facial expression alongside his type of hair - which I needed practice with.
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