Adobe Creative Residency 2018
Creative Application...
These are my additional documents that I hope will support my application to Adobe as well as showcase my skills, innovative thinking and imagination.
The above comic strip is an introduction and outline of how I aim to approach the residency as a whole. The character featured is me and will find herself in each project somehow. It is based around a mission and space themed because that is how I see the creative world; vast and full of exciting, challenging and unknown elements. Below I have expanded my proposal and included some specifics to aid in showcasing my desire to fulfil these projects and become an Adobe Creative Resident.
Important Details & Outlines

Project 1: E6:10.18
Project 2: Vulpes Vulpes
Project 3: Jazz Juniors

Mission... or Brief if you will
All: To execute a full animation created, written and produced by me - The INKtrovert. These intentional projects with ideas close to my heart are not random; they relate to me and my sphere. For so long I have adored other people's work because I can see their personality in them or how passionate they are about it. Perspectives are interesting to view physically as well as within a story direction therefore I know it's now my turn to do that and become more of a creator than consumer. I work hard but I'm aware I need to reach a new level and state of mind so there can be a shift in my portfolio of work. There will be freedom in my briefs because I aim to work without restrictions and use all tools available to me and the direction is purely from my own imagination so I intend push through any limitations that come my way.

Inspiration & Research
All: I have a Pinterest board with three sections dedicated to each project where I will be constantly collecting visuals:

E6:10.18: Because this is a project very special to me, I want the intricate details to be paid close attention to by viewers as well as me when producing it. Just like when a director is making their film, even the smallest elements are purposeful. I want my animation to have the fluidity of Patrick Smith's work, striking detail of Daniel Danger's illustrations (but this may be hard to fully achieve in my timescale) and choreographed well and include great scenes similar to a cinematographer/director like Hiro Murai. All these people I have mentioned are great influences of mine, I study their work very closely and like to know about everything they are working on. The Bible is full of amazing accounts and stories with great descriptions so I will use that to help visualise some aspects of the design. My faith is not something I hide, it's a big part of who I am and expressing that through my craft, not separating it from what I do is something normal to me. The Bible Project really helped me realise that and open my mind to what I can do. I aim to have pacing and visual language inspired by 'Samurai Jack' - one of my all time favourite cartoons. I love everything about that show and really want to see what I can do using it as my main guidance of animation style. 
Vulpes Vulpes: Carrying on from the small introduction I wrote in my application and Behance project links already created, inspiration for this project comes from what goes on around me; I like to feed off from what I know. My surroundings influence my work and I like that it provides relatable content for other people like me but not exclusive to us alone. Choosing foxes as my focus for the animation is deliberate so with perfect shows and films like Aardman's 'Creature Comforts' and Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox', I have plenty of material to search for the right methods for my own fox featured adventure. Changing environments is currently a big topic for us in the real world so I want to tell stories and highlight subjects about that through the eyes of foxes and other animals in a dark comedy, diverse and interesting way through a medium different to the News so it's in a relatable way of addressing topics like gentrification and conflict. This can alert the public or support organisations, the government and possibly invoke empathy so as a community we can try to look out for others. Animation often touches on what is real and not only imitates our lives but can also represent it. I hope to bring something new because I believe people like to see something different from time to time rather than be fed repetitive storylines.

Jazz Juniors: This project is constantly developing just as society is. It stems from my love for music, animation and learning. I have always had a concern and interest in education due to not having the easiest journey through school myself. Being creative from a young age made it hard for me to stick to the curriculum and understand why I had to be taught subjects that didn't grasp my attention. I struggled to function in a normal classroom because I wanted to learn in a different way to others but unfortunately as a young child you rarely have that freedom. All this however never deterred me from education, just encouraged me to seek out alternatives. Education is a very important part of every child's developing years so I figured if children are going to be increasingly using technology as our society becomes more and more advanced and dependent on it, I might as well create something impactful and safe that can be integrated into alternative learning. Personally, Jazz has influenced and helped me a lot, from my well-being to my work and if I wasn't a Visual Storyteller, music would definitely be a venture I would pursue. 'Peanuts' (Charlie Brown and his crew) is my all time favourite comic. I like the children focused stories and style that Charles M. Schulz created so I want to emulate that in my interactive game/animation. Sesame Street will be another great source of inspiration in addition to research due to the interactivity and colourfulness of the show and all its extra content. Skottie Young's comic art and illustrations contain a fun and messy style I would like to explore for my own creation.

Initial Ideas (- written but visuals can be found in links above PDFs)
E6:10.18: My friend who is a producer makes instrumentals, beats and would like to score films in the future - I already want to write my animation to this song of his. I would like to find a free runner, preferably female who could be my reference for when making the running and leaping sequences; it would really help to take some first hand shots of my own. Taking keywords from the Bible verses and playing around with metaphors to present them as moving parts is an idea I should keep in mind throughout all stages of production. My application PDFs above are the start of the visual language I want to portray in terms of my main character. For once, I want to base it on me and see myself in a project of mine.

Vulpes Vulpes: I want to really strengthen my character design for animals and test out 3D elements so I can draw them accurately in 2D. The structure of the characters could maybe have a family or community set up like in 'The Wire' or 'The Sopranos'. The name will stay the same because I believe the meaning sets up what the animated show is about. The name ’Vulpes Vulpes’ is Latin for ‘Red fox’. Latin has been described as a dead language however it is still of importance and used today. Just like the Red Fox’s relevance is in decline, as an animal it is still important.

Jazz Juniors: It is essential for the illustrations and animations to be bright, fun, and full of movement. I do not want it to look like any other app - it will be more than just a game. The logo will need to be updated but the name will not be changed. The game and different levels will have clear goals and components that highlight different skills. I would love this app to not only be used at home, but also in schools.

First Stage Location References
E6:10.18: I love to travel so whilst away, even if its still in the UK, I always take photographs of buildings and odd angles. As I do this, I am collecting ideas of shots I will be including in my animations. I refuse to let this animation be boring and have standard sequences so finding unique positions that my character can manoeuvre through is vital.

Vulpes Vulpes: Croydon (where I am from) and South London in general are good landscapes to work from because of the mixture of city-like and rural areas plus I see foxes on a daily occurrence so my area is an ideal starting place.

Jazz Juniors: I think the location for Jazz Juniors will include a lot more fiction and cartoon based visual references due to its premise. 'Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends' will be a great visual reference because the inside location of the mansion is immense and colourful; there are plenty of secret rooms and weird designs. Although I originally planned for the game to take place outside, I may incorporate some inside locations too and see what fits in well.
I hope this small sample of what I intend to do really demonstrates how passionate I am and why I should be selected to pursue my own projects but also represent Adobe.

Thank you
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